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When you purchase anything using my links, it costs you absolutely nothing extra, but it does kicks The Natural Nurturer a little financial love to keep doing what we do. Thank you for your continued support, both with your dollars and your interest. A beautifully illustrated book that breaks down the different kinds of plants that we eat, how we eat them, the life cycle of a plant and what plants need to grow in a simple, child-friendly way.

It tells about the fun, imaginative adventures of Sophie and her squash have together, while also covering decomposition and the life cycle of a plant as part of the story. A simple book about counting and numbers with colorful photographs of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Wonderful for promoting counting and number recognition in young children while also talking about a vast number of edible plants. This book contains beautiful and vibrant photographs of colorful fruits and vegetables. It shares that the same food can come in many different colors carrots can be yellow, white, orange, red or even purple as well as showcasing the many pieces of produce that share the same color!

Wonderfully inspiring for those urban farmers in all of us and some great ideas of how to grow veggies in our own little place in space. A simple, easy to follow book that shares all of the work that goes into growing vegetables of your own. The colorful illustrations are engaging and the book ends with a vegetable soup recipe to make with your child! Simple and beautifully illustrated, this book shares the process of seed to plant while also also sharing the importance of compassion and joy of generosity.

A fun fictional story about a lazy bear and a crafty hare. This book teaches children about the different parts of plants that we eat and crops, while also bringing up a moral dialog about fairness and honesty. Do your kiddos love repetition? Now I look forward to the days when I can trot out the same reads for my toddler, who will be three before I know it!

Every family needs a copy of Eric Carle's classic , and three is the perfect age to start fully appreciating the voracious caterpillar who snacks his way through every day of the week including one epic picnic that will have you itching to plan a picnic yourself! Even better, this 50th anniversary edition is stuffed with special bonus content, including a letter from Eric Carle, rare peeks of his original sketches, and more.

A delightful and prolific series, Anna Dewdney's Llama Llama is a reader favorite. The magic began back in with Llama Llama Red Pajama , a rhyming read-aloud that finds young Llama Llama feeling nervous about falling asleep by himself - and Mama Llama coming to the rescue. This extra-special edition includes a CD audio recording of Dewdney reading the story, bonus Llama Llama tales, and even a keepsake print.

It's the perfect place to start with the beloved series, or an exciting new addition to your collection. This particular story relates to kids who want to do everything without help from their parents. Sound like any three-year-olds you know?

From buttoning his overalls to tying his shoes, Critter is determined to do it all by himself. Read a bedtime story. They were up on the hill in front of the school and just 40 feet away. The hill was the highest in town. Every kid went there on Display. She knew the way like the back of her hand because she had inherited the bakery from her dad. As a child, Monica always came to Display.

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly with purple and yellow wings. Sadly, the butterfly was being held in a cage as a pet of a little girl. The butterfly loved the little girl but wished she had a butterfly family of her own. Then one day, the butterfly flew out of her Display. John and his brother Steve were on a boat off the coast of Western Australia. They were about to go deep-sea diving. Dozens of fish swam everywhere. The two boys Display. There once was a child who lived with her grandfather.

Her grandfather always told her stories at night. One day in Greenville, a dog named Rusty just got some new toys. Then he heard something and saw a big moving truck pull into the driveway next door and the license plate said Snobby State of Arizona. Everyone in Snobbyville was selfish and jealous of each other. While Rusty was relaxing in the yard Display. A long time ago, I went to the beach. Before we left, we loaded all our beach gear into the car. Continuing down the road my sister and two brothers and I sang songs to keep from falling into the depths of boredom. Deciding where to stop for dinner was a real challenge.

Everyone wanted Display. Once upon a time, there was a really weird man.

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His name was Mr. He had a dog. His dog was very smart. One day they went for a walk. They played on the playground for one hour. They had a lot of fun. Then it rained so they had to leave. They went Display. Once upon a time there was a young little mule deer lost in the woods. He was a small deer, with large, mule like ears. Along his travels, Nick ran into many other animals. One of the animals Display. Once upon a time there was a dolphin named Chloe. Chloe is beige, black, and white. Chloe had a sister named Maddy and another sister named Victoria, and of course, a mom and dad.

It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. Years of searching had Display. Once upon a time, there was a girl and her name was Kayla. One day when she was walking, she found a dog. It was silver. She took it home with her. There once lived two children named Kate and Harry. They had a marvelous garden and they loved to play in it.

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The breeze blew it down a little path. Kate chased after it, Display. Kate skimmed through, with her fingers, all the books in the library. She was in a hurry because she had to have this done before class started again. Last year, my Mom and I joined my Dad in California during the summer vacation. We started from Delhi, India late night and flew to Los Angeles.

My Dad came to pick us up and we drove to Orange County where we had an apartment. The drive was fast with wide roads and big cars. There once was a very nice boy named Tim. Tim had nice hair.

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Tim had a friend named Maura who also had nice hair. One day the two friends went to get a haircut together.

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John woke up to realize that his summer vacation had begun. He got off his bed and went for breakfast. He was wondering how to spend his holidays when his mother reminded him to finish his breakfast fast!! Soon the doorbell rang and yes!! His friends were there. They all proceeded towards the playground to Display. It was a rainy morning and Dutch the dog had nothing to do. Dutch went into the kitchen to see what her owner was up to.

The green and yellow fields were so beautiful in the sun.