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Rendered in smooth and subtly affective prose, Silverberg presents the machinations of four human minds in all their dirty detail while taking to task aspects of the post? Eli encountering the eponymous Book of Skulls in one of his library deep dives, he spreads the word, and together the four make a compact—who will be killed, who will kill themselves, and who will attain immortality—and set out on road trip to the wilds of Arizona where the temple granting their wish purportedly exists.

Knowing the premise, I went into The Book of Skulls deathly afraid sorry… Silverberg would resolve the novel along Hollywood lines. What tricks will he play resolving who dies, who kills themselves, etc.?

Will there be doppelgangers? Projected selves? Moral backdoors a la A Tale of Two Cities? Cheesy horror elements?

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In what form will immortality actually appear? But Silverberg plays things straight. As mentioned, the focus is digging into the heads of the four characters. Their situations, mindsets, fears, darkest secrets—nearly everything is exposed such that the lawn becomes the insects, the psyche of the four youth is laid bare to the reader.

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Sex the other major component there is much, much jutting of cones, jiggling of melons, swaying of cannons, etc. Another way of putting this is, for that portion of spec fic readers who believe science fiction is not science fiction unless there are aliens, ray guns, or space ships, this book is not for you.

For those interested in the cultural and human elements, this may be for you. Warwick Stubbs November 6, at AM. J'ai Lu - SF Poche. Penguin Books. Tascabili Fantascienza Editrice Nord. Sphere Science Fiction Classics.

Book Of Skulls by Silverberg, Robert

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