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The story creates a psychological relation between them. This game is created in 2 weeks for AdvJam This game is wildly under rated!

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The design and story is so beautiful. I can tell that your team really considered everything going into this game.

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I love being able to play something thoughtful that opens up a new perspective. Thank you so much for creating this game! Very well done! Please make more!

Naught But a Shadow : A Novel of the Occult

Just started playing and already love it, the style is unique and interesting and I love the way the story is told. Definitely a great play!! Neat game! Log In Sign Up. Version: 0. Adobe AIR Installer was added to the package after adventure jam ended.

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No change was made to the game content. Download 53 MB.

  1. D3lial * Theta Naught * Shadow and Ash @ Launchpad Albuquerque, NM - October 22nd pm.
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  6. Game Soundtrack. BenSound: Acoustic Breeze. Feel free to leave a comment, thank you. Yea, she hath looked Truth grimly face to face,. Her future dear and terrible outlies,—. No brave endeavor of the broken will.

    I am naught but my shadow,but my shadow be not shadow but myself — In The Garden Of The Faerie

    All stupor of surprise hath passed away;. All outward things, that once seemed part of her,. By her own prowess she must stand or fall,. It comes not in such wise as she had deemed,. One who through conquered trouble had grown wise,.

    The passion of despair is quelled at last;. As one who sits beside a lapsing stream,. There is a deeper pathos in the mild. Her languid pulses thrill with sudden hope,. If grief came in such unimagined wise,. She knows not whence it came, nor where it pass. For much abides in her so lonely life,—. The nameless charm about all things hath died,. She feels outwearied, as though o'er her head.

    Red Shadows

    Unutterably pathetic her desire,. Though by no reasons she be justified,.

    Shadow Of Intent - Underneath A Sullen Moon (OFFICIAL STREAM)

    Yet life is not a vision nor a prayer,. Nay, for the hurrying throng of passers-by. But when she fills her days with duties done,. How strange, in some brief interval of rest,.