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Case study Cableonda Go Using cloud-based advanced business intelligence to provide access to daily business performance data and insights, which are needed to take real-time action.

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Case study Sky Using cloud-based advanced business intelligence to provide access to daily business performance data and insights, which are needed to take real-time action. Yes, it is, but every king needs to rule his kingdom wisely to have a prosperous and long-lasting reign.

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Demand Africa will now have access to a powerful business toolkit that will increase customer retention, service personalization, engagement, and marketing effectiveness. It will be able to make informed, data-driven decisions, monitoring how content is consumed, understanding who its users are, and how they are using the video service.

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A good content recommendation system is key for any content provider. Machine Learning video recommendations provide a unique opportunity for broadcasters, Pay-TV operators, TV Networks, and any content distributor to increase engagement and reduce churn through content personalization. Currently, most recommendation systems operate using explicit information provided by the user about their preferences for example, by scoring previously watched content using a technique known as collaborative filtering. As it becomes harder to win new customers, it becomes even more important to retain those customers you already have.

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If content is king in the video industry, data is the new queen. Advanced user and content-centric knowledge is now possible thanks to the explosion of data volume, variety and velocity, which is catalysing new business models and reshaping the entertainment industry. It should drive activity like product feature prioritization and changes to the user experience that impact the overall customer engagement, thus helping detect UX inefficiencies and enhancing it with a data-driven approach.

Learn from this whitepaper some of the areas of analysis in this context that you should not overlook if you want to keep your video users engaged. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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Python3 code to implement Jump Search. Finding block size to be jumped. Finding the block where element is.

Doing a linear search for x in. If we reached next block or end. If element is found.

Driver code to test function. Find the index of 'x' using Jump Search.

Print the index where 'x' is located.