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She invites her three friends on a week long retreat that she arranged with her church, so they can look for and pan for gold and other earthly valuables with her to earn a sum of money that will go directly toward her church's Mission Boards. Throughout the duration of the story's plot, Hannah helps to cause dynamic change in each of her friends by witnessing to them and even speaking to them and large crowds of people in parables; as well as help them to realize that there is a treasure in heaven that's greater than gold.

About David M Savage Given as young as he was when he started his first book, it was inconceivable for David to think that he had achieved such an accomplishment such as what he had. He started typing his book a few weeks before he turned fifteen and published it when he was sixteen. During his former education, he has only attended all levels of school up to eighth grade when the start of his book's construction got underway and he was only in tenth grade when his work was completed.

He was only able to apply the elements of story writing he had learned from previous English classes, and people have said twenty months isn't that long for a first time published author given his current age. Shortly after, he had already started typing a sequel to his book: A continuation of Hannah and her friend's ministries at their high school and what effects her discipleships will have because living such a way is so alien to the typical world of high school. In the Old Testament. There are 3 Hebrew words with this meaning and all in the King James Version translated "treasure.

Jer Perhaps the strength of riches and so treasure, the Hebrew word being chocen, from a root meaning to hoard or lay up: "In the house of the righteous is much treasure" Pr ; "They take treasure and precious things" Eze In the New Testament. There are two words translated "treasure": Gaza is of Persian origin, meaning "treasure.

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The word thesauros means literally, a "deposit," so wealth and treasure. Evidently throughout the New Testament it has a twofold usage as describing. In Mt the word for "treasury" is korbanas; compare the Revised Version margin. See Corban. Skip to main content. Malestroit had contended that coinage debasements were the chief culprit?

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Hamilton, however, had neglected to find as Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson did, much later one such Spanish treatise, produced in ? Hamilton also erred, if forgivably so, in two other respects.

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First, in utilizing what were then, and in many cases still are, imperfect price indexes for many countries? Hamilton , pp. Undoubtedly, however, the principal if not the only explanation for the differences between the three sets of price indexes?

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When the Great Debasement had reached its nadir under his successor Northumberland, regent for Edward VI , in June , the fine silver contents of the penny had been reduced in both weight and fineness to just 0. In November , Elizabeth restored the silver coinage to traditional sterling fineness The English silver coinage remained untouched until July , when its weight and fine silver contents were reduced by a modest 3. Thereafter the English silver coinage remained untouched until when the silver contents were reduced by another 6.

Thus for the entire period of the Price Revolution, from ca. In terms of the general theme of coinage debasement, a very major difference between Spain and these other two countries, from , was the issue of a purely copper coinage called vellon , to which Hamilton devotes two major chapters.

Indeed all coins? In this respect, England was an exception? France followed suit with an all copper denier 1 d tournois in ; but England did not do so until Hamilton gives the erroneous impression that Spain i.

Treasure Hunts In B.C., Alberta Have People Hoping To Hit Gold

Previously, Spanish kings at least from had issued a largely copper fractional coinage called blancas , with a nominal money-of-account value of 0. In , Philip II had agreed to the issue of a maraved? Nevertheless, the differences between the silver-based and vellon-based price indexes in Spain for the first half of the seventeenth century are significant.

For the former silver , the CPI rose from a mean of For the latter vellon-based index, the CPI rose to What certainly did now differentiate Spain from the other two, and indeed almost all other European countries in this period, is that in all the latter countries the purely copper petty coinage formed such a very much smaller, indeed minuscule, proportion of the total coined money supply. Virtually none was imported in the s; and an annual mean of only 5, From that quinquennium of , mean annual silver imports into Seville rose from 18, Between these two quinquennia, the total mined silver outputs of Potosi and Zacatecas unknown to Hamilton rose from an annual mean of 64, If all this evidence does indeed prove that the influx of Spanish silver was certainly not the initial cause of the European Price Revolution, surely the data should indicate that the subsequent influx of that silver, especially from the s, very likely did play a significant role in fueling an ongoing inflation.

But so many of the anti-monetarist historians leapt to an alternative? In the first place, the now available evidence on demographic recovery and growth in England and the southern Low Countries Brabant does not at all correspond to the statistical evidence on inflation during the early phase of the Price Revolution?

For England the best estimate of population in the early s, when the Price Revolution was already underway, is 2. We find a similar demographic situation in Brabant. From the census to the census, the number of registered households fell from 92, to just 75, a fall of According to Herman Van der Wee , Brabant, like England, did not commence its demographic recovery until the early sixteenth century; and his estimated average annual rate of population growth from to was 0. How can any such renewed population growth explain that inflation? In the second place, the arguments and analyses supplied involve faulty economics: an erroneous transfer of micro-economic analysis to macro-economics.

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That in turn resulted in price increases for grains and other agricultural commodities including timber that were greater than those for non-agrarian and especially industrial commodities, certainly in both England and the southern Low Countries during the course of the sixteenth and first half of the seventeenth century. Nevertheless, there is some validity to the argument that population growth and changes in the demographic structures may have influenced the role of another monetary factor in the Price Revolution: namely changes in the income velocity of money, to be discussed as a separate topic later in this review.

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How then did Hamilton? Was Hamilton that ignorant of the implications of his own data? Certainly not. It is most regrettable that Hamilton himself failed to elaborate the role of any these factors, principally monetary, in producing inflation in early-sixteenth century Spain. Had he done so, surely he would have been spared the subsequent and really unfair criticism that he was offering a simplistic monocausal explanation of the Price Revolution, and one in the form of a very crude Quantity Theory of Money. Where he derived his information is not clear, but from other footnotes it was presumably from the publications of two much earlier German economic historians, Adolf Soetbeer and Georg Wiebe.

Jahrhunderts , and he seems to have coined so to speak the term. Since then a number of economic historians, me included, have published their research on this South German-Central European silver-copper mining boom. The solutions lay in innovations in both mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

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The first was the development of water-powered or horse-powered piston vacuum pumps along with slanted drainage adits in the mountain sides to resolve the water-flooding problem. The second was the so-called Saigerh?