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As the world is crumbling before my eyes Falling through the caustic vortex And my heart is burning by the ultimate life The ultimate lie! Part IV Death There is no end There is no beginning There is no truth There is only darkness And I curse you into oblivion I curse you for fulfilling your every desire I curse you for your wild and relentless inner fire Curse you for your need to breed and multiply Curse you for your consciousness The feeble rebellion The great illusion The cosmic war I am the immortal shadow The ruler of dark dimensions Behold my crimson nightmare I am the creator of sorrow Tormentor in the restless night I am the hunter of pain, the bringer of rain I am death I am eternal darkness I am eternal I am death.

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Eternal Darkness Autumn Lyrics Part I Haunting Darkness Haunting darkness forming inside of man Calling to return the blood of the earth Baleful shadows gathering under the blackened sky Reversing the evolution of the forbidden birth Devastations of the hollow universe Executed by wrath and absolute power Completion of the perfect chaos The pure destruction of stars I am the immortal shadow The ruler of dark dimensions Behold my crimson nightmare I am the creator of sorrow Tormentor in the restless night I am the hunter of fear, the bringer of despair I am death I am eternal darkness Part II The Call of the Dark Dream Unleash the dark dream, the essence of deception The fantasy of life will blind you life the flaming sun The clash of the opposite worlds The cosmic war of the unnatural state has begun Embrace the suffering and prepare for transcendent attack Obliterate the memories and smother the past And face the unknown!

Ballard has published popular books about his recovery of other famous sunken ships besides the movie's namesake, which adds cachet to this more scholarly work. Ballard is a passionate advocate of deep-sea exploration, pointing out that all such expeditions so far undertaken have probably surveyed less than 1 percent of the sea floor….

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One can hardly disagree with Dr. Ballard's proposal that we should expand that 1 percent.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Their contributions to deep ocean knowledge, exploration, discovery, salvage, and natural resource utilization have forever changed the way we view and understand our planet's oceans, and will, in the future, change the way we care for our seas. Ballard now joins Cousteau as another inspired visionary.

Two thousand years ago no trains, planes, or automobiles existed. Most transportation was by sea. Important knowledge of the past can only be uncovered from where it lies, buried in the ocean floor. Bob exhibits his fascination with the unknown by uncovering history that lies at the bottom of the sea floor that is critical to our understanding of the ancient world.

He is not only a great explorer, but a gifted story-teller and an evangelist for science.