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Man that Adara is smoking hot! A tall, beautiful woman with long straight black hair and pale skin. Flower later used to cure a slightly evil emperor of an incurable poison. She's so beautiful and elegant ". Adaras are not very nice but they are very athletic and they love to run from people.

Thhey are rare and wild so if you find one tame your Adara while it lasts.

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Adaras like kid's shows, too. Wow look at that Adara i better get it. Alan Sonk Foisted Frickle Frackle I'm outta here Gary Winthorpe It's time Spud Me Nittany Lion Mobile has become such a dominant channel in travel in the last several years.

How has that impacted data analytics and strategy? To achieve that goal, ADARA has evolved our technology to aim for both reach and accuracy in defining and enabling our audiences.

Chic bungalow, 2Q bedrooms, minimalistic, feature outdoor patio + bath, WIFI, feature fire

We have the ability to pseudonymously associate multiple device signatures to a single user. To activate these users, we orchestrate interactions across various channels throughout planning and booking. From the strategic perspective, we see our clients working to advance mobile to make the experience more convenient and seamless, which drives greater adoption by consumers. New channels and devices will continue to emerge.

Destinations continue to be focused on getting travelers to choose their destination over the alternatives. ADARA provides intelligence on visitor behaviors, devices and location, enabling destinations to find those more valuable travelers. By identifying actionable insights including traveler origin markets, search to booking windows and spend on hotel nights, ADARA is able to help DMOs and tourism boards determine how to allocate their budget to achieve optimum results.

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How can they stay competitive? The second prong is focused on winning over the traveler and establishing brand affinity.

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  • We do see an interesting shift in traveler behavior around the duration of key segments in the customer journey. In particular, the booking window book to departure has increased significantly in the last three years - rising from 31 days to 37 days. As technology improves, how does that impact your ability to measure ROI for your clients? How important are partnerships to your business strategy?

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    These partnerships enable us to unlock actionable insights that would have remained separate and unused. The partnership with PATA is an important strategic relationship for us and builds on similar partnerships that we have with other tourism industry associations around the world. PATA is keen to ensure that their members are aware of and have access to the latest marketing innovations and technology that can most effectively help drive arrivals to their destinations.

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    It hardly needs to be said that APAC represents a unique growth opportunity for the travel industry. The diversity of the region in terms of geography, culture and levels of development requires localized strategies and execution. But the travel market operates regionally and globally. We cover both ends of the spectrum: global scale while providing the flexibility to meet local objectives, as needed.

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    Our biggest challenge is overcoming preconceived notions around data assets. Moreover, all too often clients fail to see the link between the insight and the ability to take action on it and drive results. In the very near future we will be expanding our capabilities to power site personalization, customer segmentation, CRM and loyalty communications and measurement.

    By expanding our offerings, clients will derive greater benefits from our unique data asset as we help them boost the effectiveness of their marketing and business strategies. Ensuring data privacy has always been at the core of our business. Our partners work with us because they trust us. With GDPR, we reviewed our processes and made upgrades as necessary to ensure compliance. Our first priority is privacy protection.

    As a company, our passion for travel motivates us to expand our collaborative, industry-wide data platform to help grow the global travel industry.


    My job is to foster that passion for travel, data and technology to create and deliver solutions that enable the industry to thrive.